High-performance rubidium oscillator allows easy system integration

17-06-2020 | Suntsu Electronics | Passives

Suntsu Electronics’ new RSO30S-10.000M rubidium oscillator produces frequency stability of 0.03ppb irrespective of temperature fluctuations over an operating temperature range of -40C to +60C. This latest model is created with a standard connector interface that allows easy integration into time and frequency systems for industries such as telecommunications, defence, and test and measurement.

Constructed in a low profile 101mm x 60.5mm package, the device is optimised for extended operating periods with no maintenance and is excellent for extended holdover.

With the necessary supply voltage of 12VDC, power consumption is 6W with a warmup time of five minutes and ageing per day of ±0.003ppb. The device is offered with a sinewave output, and MTBF performance is 100,000 hours.

Typical applications are frequency calibration, LTE base stations and high-speed wireless communications.

By Natasha Shek