Full HD TFT offers exceptional optical performance

23-06-2020 | KOE Europe Ltd | Subs & Systems

KOE has introduced a new 10.2" Full HD TFT display module. The Rugged+ TX26D208VM0AAA display offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and IPS (in-plane switching) wide viewing-angle technology. The TFT display is also offered with the company's proprietary Pixel Eyes PCap touch technology.

This latest IPS display technology provides outstanding colour saturation and image stability, high contrast and deep black levels. Viewing angles of up to 170-degrees are supported in all directions (left/right, up/down). The 10.2" display module has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and a high brightness LED backlight offering a specified brightness rating of 1200cd/m², an integrated dimming function, and a 70K hour lifetime. These key features assure that display images are bright, colourful, and precisely defined.

The new display modules have been designed and produced for employment under mechanical shock, and vibration environments where guaranteed and consistent display operation is a necessary demand. A further benefit of all these display modules is the cosmetic specification which defines zero bright dot defects. This gives users the assurance of a high quality, premium display module.

Benson Huang, marketing manager, KOE said, "The introduction of the new 10.2" Rugged+ display modules demonstrates KOE's continued focus on producing high quality, high resolution, premium performance LCDs suitable for use in challenging applications. The use of Full HD resolution and Pixel Eyes touch technology has enabled KOE to launch the first fully-integrated PCap touch display solution designed specifically for use in the industrial sector."

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