Digital matrix attenuator handover test system solves test challenges

24-06-2020 | Vaunix | Test & Measurement

Vaunix Technology Corporation's latest product, the Vaunix 64x8 Digital Matrix Attenuator Handover Test System, VMA-Q64X8SE. This system is ideal for research labs conducting automated handover, MIMO performance analysis, and product verification testing. The system is a fraction of the size and expense of competitive rack mount matrix attenuators and handover test systems.

The system provides complete 64x8 matrix attenuator functionality in a single unit removing the requirement for users to struggle with integrating multiple 8x8, 16x8, or 32x8 matrix attenuators. The compact size of this device also conserves valuable rack and bench space when compared to competitive units. Handover and MIMO testing of complex 5G, WiFi, and Satcom antenna modules is now simpler and faster than ever.

With a frequency range of 500MHz to 6000MHz, the attenuator facilitates control of 64 input signals to eight outputs while managing the signal power for every path. Each of the 512 connections can provide up to 90dB of attenuation with a step size of 0.1dB. The channels can be simply programmed for fixed attenuation modes or swept attenuation ramps and fading profiles with the easy to use interface.

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