Air flow sensors for respiratory care and other medical applications

18-06-2020 | Posifa Technologies | Test & Measurement

Posifa Technologies now offers its new PMF8300 series of mass air flow sensors for usage in respiratory care and other medical and instrumentation applications. Contrasted to the company's previous-generation solutions, the new series of devices provide improved accuracy, repeatability, and signal-to-noise performance — all at a lower cost.

Offering compact, robust packages, the sensors serve as key components in ventilators, respirators, oxygen concentrators, nebulisers, and CPAP equipment. Also, the devices can offer mass flow measurement in spectroscopy and environmental monitoring equipment.

By providing the series at a lower price point, the company is offering a cost-effective upgrade path for new equipment designs while keeping a supply of previous-generation solutions like the PMF4000, PMF2000, PMFc720, and PMFc40000 series of existing products. Furthermore, due to the devices' uncomplicated design, the company can scale up production of the series rapidly in response to unexpected surges in demand.

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