Versatile and efficient power supply for healthcare and ITE applications

12-05-2020 | XP | Power

XP Power has released the new ECH450 series of compact, high-efficiency power supplies offered in open frame or a range of enclosed formats. Producing 250W when convection cooled and the 450W when force cooled, or when utilising the enclosed versions with an integral fan, the series provides class B conducted and radiated emissions and provides worldwide ITE and medical approvals making it excellent for a wide range of industrial, IT and healthcare applications including those needing BF patient protection.

The convection cooled ratings make these power supplies excellent for medical device applications, where audible noise is unacceptable, and industrial or ITE applications where fan-less operation improves reliability and reduces dust ingress.

With efficiency levels up to 94%, these power supplies reduce waste heat, lessen operational costs and save space. They function at full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +50C with no derating – and at half power at +70C ambient. Peak load applications are supported up to 450W with convection cooling with average power up to 250W.

These units start at a compact 5" x 3" footprint with a low 1.4" profile and have a universal input range for global use. Single output voltages available are 12V, 15V, 19V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 54V.

As well as IEC, UL and EN60601-1 approvals for medical applications, the series is approved to IEC, UL and EN62368-1 for industrial and ITE applications while compliance with Class C input current harmonics makes them excellent for lighting and display applications.

By Natasha Shek