Sensor EVM facilitates rapid and convenient use of current sense monitor

21-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments TMCS1101EVM Sensor Evaluation Module is a tool intended to facilitate rapid and convenient use of the TMCS1101. The TMCS1101 is an isolated Hall-effect precision current sense monitor utilising an external ratiometric reference. This evaluation module enables the user to push the maximum operating current through the Hall-input side while measuring the isolated output. The fixture layout is not intended as a model for the target circuit, nor is it laid out for EMI testing.

The device comprises of a single PCB, breakable into eight individual pieces. Four pieces correspond to the four unidirectional variants of the TMCS1101, while the remaining four correspond to the bidirectional variants of the device.

The device features test points to provide ease of access to device pins, with large copper planes to help with heat dissipation. Large lug connectors connect the evaluation module to large current-carrying leads. The device offers evaluation of high-side and low-side configurations and includes an onboard temperature sensor.

By Natasha Shek