POL converters have low-cost design to support price sensitive applications

21-05-2020 | Traco Power | Power

TRACO Power’s new TSR 1E non-isolated/POL DC-DC converters consist of the two most common input /output combinations and are particularly designed to provide a low-cost solution while maintaining a high-quality standard.

The two cost-optimised models are the TSR 1-2433E (6~36Vin/3.3Vout @1A) and the TSR 1-2405E (7~36Vin/5Vout @ 1A). The cost-optimised design maintains high-quality standards with high efficiency up to 92%; full load operation up to 60C; and an MTBF of one million hours supported by a three-year warranty. The wide input range makes this ideal for both 12V and 24V bus applications and specifically designed for the common 5VDC and 3.3VDC output requirements where cost is a critical concern without sacrificing performance. The standard SIP-3 package makes them ideal drop-in replacements for less efficient LMxx linear regulators.

With a 1A output current and standard features such as low standby current, precise regulation and protection against short circuit, overvoltage and overload make the TSR 1E family ideal for industrial, test and measurement and IT applications.

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