Phase noise analyser for precision oscillator characterisation

05-05-2020 | Microchip Technology | Test & Measurement

To assist research and manufacturing engineers produce precise and accurate measurement of frequency signals, incorporating those generated by atomic clocks and other high-performance frequency reference modules and subsystems, Microchip Technology offers the availability of its new 53100A Phase Noise Analyser, a next-generation phase noise test instrument.

The device is created for engineers and scientists who rely on accurate and precise measurement of frequency signals generated for 5G networks, data centres, space vehicles, commercial and defence aircraft systems, communication satellites and metrology applications. Capable of measuring RF signals up to 200MHz, the new test instrument rapidly acquires frequency signals and characterises the phase noise, jitter, ADEV and TDEV quickly and precisely. All attributes of a frequency reference can be fully characterised with a single instrument within minutes.

The analyser allows a mixture of configurations by enabling up to three separate devices to be tested simultaneously employing a single reference, facilitating higher capacity for stability measurements. At 344mm x 215mm x 91mm (13.5" x 8.5" x 3.6"), the phase noise test instrument is small enough for integration into manufacturing ATE systems, yet powerful enough for laboratory-grade metrology. Its interface provides backward compatibility with the company's 51xxA test sets’ command and data stream, decreasing the requirement to redesign current ATE infrastructure.

The device offers flexibility by enabling an input reference device to be connected through the front panel at a different nominal frequency than the device under test – enabling a single reference to characterise a mixture of oscillator products. Rubidium frequency standards such as the company's 8040C-LN or a quartz oscillator such as its 1000C OCXO can be employed as a reference as well as other manufacturers’ precise oscillators.

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