PCB coupler for harsh environment applications

13-05-2020 | Stewart Connector | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Stewart Connector has added to the SealJack series, with an IP67 rated RJ45 to RJ45 PCB coupler, excellent for harsh environment applications.

The company's PCB coupler employs a shielded right angle RJ45 SealJack, providing an IP67 rated connection when installing to a box or panel. The coupler also gives a standard RJ45 shielded jack for connection inside the panel. This solution delivers a shielded Ethernet connection to the device panel employing industry-standard RJ45 patch cords on both sides of the coupler. This coupler design is sturdy, compact and able to achieve 1G and 2.5G Ethernet transmission speeds and provides optional use LEDs. The coupler provides a compact IP67 solution with no need for a cap or cover when not in use, resulting in lower-profile connectors on the panel exterior.

The series is excellent for supporting connectivity for devices within the IoT umbrella where reliability and functionality are essential as Ethernet applications move from a standard office to harsher environments. These applications include industrial environments, defence communication, test equipment and medical devices.

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