Latest pHAT-format I2C environmental sensor and I2S digital audio boards

22-05-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser has added several new products from Pimoroni for employment with the Raspberry Pi Zero and all 40-pin Raspberry Pi single-board computers. These comprise the fully-assembled indoor environmental data sensor board and a series of four Pimoroni Pirate Audio accessory boards. Python libraries and application examples are available for all boards.

The PIM486 Enviro is an indoor environmental sensor board and is ideal for monitoring indoor environmental conditions. The compact pHAT-format board can perform accurate measurement of air pressure, temperature, humidity, noise level, and ambient light level. Data are collected from each sensor IC over I2C.

The Pimoroni Pirate Audio series comprises four fully assembled I2S digital audio boards that produce high-quality audio playback, device control buttons and incorporate a 240 x 240 colour IPS LCD. The Pirate Audio software eases implementing playback control and displaying album art.

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