High-speed cable assemblies for large data processing systems

14-05-2020 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

The 3M SATA and 3M miniSAS high-speed cable assemblies are crucial for the efficient operation of systems that process large volumes of data. These cables are available now from TTI Europe. The company offers the cabling solutions for the high-performance computing, routers, storage and switches required to connect devices with the latest industry-standard physical interfaces.

The company's portfolio contains 3M Twin Axial Cable technology which is highly routable, foldable and flexible. The low-profile ribbon cable provides more routing options within a case and facilitates many packaging configurations. Its foldable ribbon construction provides for extremely tight bend radii with least performance impact. This provides design engineers considerably more room for architecture options.

Typical applications include defence devices, enterprise servers, datacom systems, tower and rack mount computers, HBAs Servers, host system boards, hubs, blades, storage bridge bay, storage racks, switches, and workstations.

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