High-efficiency isolated DC-DC converter provides low EMI

13-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments UCC12050 Isolated DC-DC Converter includes a 5kVRMS reinforced isolation rating created to produce efficient, isolated power to isolated circuits that need a bias supply with well-regulated output voltages.

The device combines a transformer and DC-DC controller with a proprietary architecture to give 500mW (typical) of isolated power with high efficiency and low EMI. The device combines protection features for elevated system robustness. The device also has an enable pin, synchronisation ability, and regulated 5V or 3.3V output options with the headroom. The device is a low-profile, miniaturised solution provided in a wide-body SOIC package with 2.65mm height (typical).

Typical applications fields include PLC analog input and output modules, isolated voltage and current sensing, protection relays and smart breakers, RS-485/RS-422/CAN transceivers, patient monitoring, and isolated communications modules.

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