HD-BNC dual-port PCB connectors increase connectivity density

22-05-2020 | Amphenol | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce HD-BNC dual-port PCB jacks into an already broad portfolio of 12G optimised interconnects. This new connector configuration enables for dual-port termination and increases connector density while saving valuable PCB real estate, excluding the requirement for risers or mezzanine connectors. The dual-port interface is perfect for 4K or ultra-HD broadcast applications and satisfies the latest SMPTE specifications for 12G broadcast.

The HD-BNC dual-port PCB jacks feature the popular bayonet-style coupling mechanism and provide stable electrical performance though 18GHz. The connector contacts are gold plated beryllium copper, and bodies matte tin plated zinc die-cast, or gold plated machined brass. Both designs feature a secure bulkhead mounting feature. These jacks are offered as both stacked and staggered mount configurations for added versatility.

In addition to 12G HD-BNC products, the company also provides multiple 12G capable configurations of the popular BNC connector and most recently, MCX connectors. Adapters and fixed-length cable assemblies are also available.

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