FSI adapter board helps evaluate in different system use cases

28-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments TMDSFSIADAPEVM FSI Adapter Board is a hardware device that assists in understanding the functionality of the FSI peripheral. It also assists in evaluating it in different system application cases, including industrial drives, servo, or sensing network topologies. The FSI adapter board supports various onboard reference solutions, associating to isolated power biasing, digital isolation, and transceivers (high-speed LVDS and medium speed RS485). They are combined into one adapter to experiment with the FSI serial port in an onboard or board-to-board system.

The device is compatible with several controlCARDs, LaunchPads, and other FSI enabled evaluation modules. RJ45 connectors are used to facilitate the connection of networkable nodes over FSI employing commonly available CAT5 cables. The Code Composer Studio IDE software is available to download free of charge and also offers download of C2000Ware for device drivers and example projects.

The kit includes the TMDSFSIADAPEVM FSI adapter PCB board, 2mm 10-pin ribbon cable, and 12" CAT5 T568B patch cable.

By Natasha Shek