Evaluation modules created to work together with larger systems

22-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

Texas Instruments LMG341xEVM-018 Daughter Cards configure two LMG3410R050 or two LMG3411R050 600V GaN FETs together with integrated driver and protection, in a half-bridge. These evaluation modules are supplied with all the essential auxiliary peripheral circuitry. These evaluation modules are also created to work in conjunction with larger systems.

The cards feature two options to bias the LMG341x, isolated power or from the bootstrap diode, together with over-temperature, overcurrent, and under-voltage lockout protection with FAULT indication that is level shifted to an AGND referenced signal. The device provides gate logic input support of either 3.3V or 5V logic. The device's maximum recommended operating voltage of 480V and the absolute maximum voltage of 600V

The cards are designed for use in AC/DC, DC-DC and DC/AC applications, Totem-Pole PFC converters, Phase-Shifted Full Bridge or LLC Converter, and Buck converter such as the LMG34XX-BB-EVM.

By Natasha Shek