Developer’s kit accelerates time-to-market for connected systems

29-05-2020 | Excelfore | Automotive Technologies

Excelfore, a technology innovator in automotive OTA and data aggregation for sensors and ECUs, has launched a new SDK for the eSync standard data pipeline. The SDK provides customers with an Out-of-the-Box connectivity solution for their embedded systems to their preferred Cloud platform, allowing them to swiftly launch OTA and data aggregation programs.

Targeted at automakers and suppliers of ECUs and smart sensors, the SDK shortens development cycles by allowing a working model of how software is delivered over-the-air. It gives feature-rich OTA capabilities comprising custom policies, delta compression and end-to-end security for software delivery and updates.

The SDK is supplied with two compact Raspberry Pi computing devices, as well as all necessary power supplies and cables. One Raspberry Pi serves as the gateway, giving a Wi-Fi wireless connection and hosting the pre-installed eSync Client software. The second serves as the external edge device to be updated. eSync Agents are pre-installed on both devices, allowing new software to be installed on either or both.

Shrinath Acharya, CEO at Excelfore, said, "OTA is a challenge in complex environments with many diverse devices on multiple networks and busses, as in automotive. Development, integration and verification requires a lot of experienced engineering resources and is impractical without some level of standardisation in architecture and protocols. The eSync SDK provides a quick and simple solution that enables our customers to take advantage of Excelfore’s proven, production-deployed solution for managing updates via the eSync OTA platform."

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