Automotive MOSFETs for engine management and body systems

19-05-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Vishay/Siliconix SQJA Automotive MOSFETs, available now Mouser, are N-channel/P-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs. These automotive MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified, and 100% Rg and Unclamped Inductive Switching tested. The SQJA MOSFETs are offered in different variants that offer 200V, 100V, 80V, 60V, 40V, and 30V drain-source voltages.

Typical applications include engine management, motor drives and actuators including power steering, braking, transmission, start-stop, ADAS, and also battery management, and body systems.

The device is available with either N-channel or P-channel transistor polarity and is AEC-Q101 qualified, and 100% Rg and UIS tested. The MOSFET is supplied in a single configuration, in a PowerPAK SO-8L package.

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