AoP EVM is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation module

15-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments IWR6843AOPEVM Antenna-on-Package EVM is an easy-to-use mmWave sensor evaluation module. The device comes with integrated, short-range, wide field-of-view AoP technology, which allows direct connectivity to the mmWave sensors carrier card platform and enables for stand-alone use. The EVM facilitates access to point-cloud data through a USB interface and raw ADC data through a 60-pin high-speed connector.

This kit is supported by standard mmWave tools and software, comprising mmWave studio and the mmWave software development kit. The EVM with MMWAVEICBOOST can interface with the company's MCU LaunchPad ecosystem. A 5V 2.5A supply brick with a 2.1mm barrel plug (centre positive), which is needed for operation with MMWAVEICBOOST, is not included. The company recommends obtaining an external power supply that complies with applicable regional safety standards. This is not needed for stand-alone operation.

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