VCO offers low phase noise with extremely low power consumption

08-04-2020 | Z-Communications | Power

Z-Communications has released a new RoHS compliant VCO model SMV0912B-LF. The device operates from 865MHz to 960MHz within a tuning voltage range of 0VDC to 2.5VDC. This low-cost VCO provides very clean spectral purity performance of -100dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset and covers the frequency range with an average sensitivity of 80MHz/V.

The VCO is created to deliver 3±3dBm of output power into a 50ohms load while working over the industrial temperature range of -40C to 85C. This high-performance VCO is further improved by saving precious energy. It consumes a small 6mA of current while running off a 3VDC supply. The device features a typical second harmonic suppression of -10dBc and comes in the company's industry-standard SUB-L package measuring 0.3" x 0.3" x 0.08". It is provided in tape and reel packaging for production requirements. The device is also excellent for automated surface mount assembly and reflow.

The VCO is ideal for mobile communication applications that need excellent phase noise performance and low power consumption.

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