UV LED technology supports evolving markets

06-04-2020 | NICHIA | Lighting Technologies

Nichia latest solutions are ideal for curing applications, with an extended portfolio of particular benefit, as UV is known to be especially effective in killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

At the forefront of the UV LED field through its established UV-A and UV-B series products, the company is increasing its solutions to a new broad range of both SMD and COB LEDs. Furthermore, the company's portfolio is now being reinforced by the introduction of its 280nm Deep UV/UV-C LED.

UV light technology has drive and is a hot topic in the industry, as the light emitted destroys biological impurities. In particular, LEDs in the UV-C band ensure to transform sterilisation and disinfection and could bring safer conditions to medical facilities.

The latest Nichia Deep UV LED, the 280nm NCSU334A, is intended to address the mass-market need for sterilisation employing solid-state lighting. Importantly, this small yet highly efficient LED produces a typical radiant flux of 55mW (350mA) – nearly double the efficiency of competing LEDs. For designers, the solution produces better system miniaturisation and highly stable long-life performance when compared to earlier technologies.

“With the NCSU334A we have a leading technology today. To support expected market demand growth, we will be increasing the production capacity and releasing the next generation NCSU334B by the end of this year, further extending Nichia’s leadership position. Our unique crystal growth technology, which has been cultivated for many years, has helped to successfully develop the world’s highest quality, highest performance, long-life UV LEDs, spanning UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, and achieving a significant lifetime improvement over conventional UV lamps,” said Erik Swenson, general manager of Nichia America.

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