SMA connector range has completed five-year environmental testing

21-04-2020 | GradConn | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The GradConn range of Nautilus IP-rated coaxial connectors and assemblies is known to offer an excellent level of environmental protection. To demonstrate this further, the company was keen to learn how they worked over an extended period in the field, subjected to various environmental conditions.

Working closely with independent test labs, the company’s engineering team produced a test plan to simulate prolonged usage in challenging environments, particularly on the SMA versions within the range, to evaluate the impact on its performance. The tests are created to replicate five years of employment in the field based on an accelerated life test methodology.

“On top of the extensive testing we already conduct on the Nautilus range, we wanted to perform further rigorous service life testing to give our customers added confidence in our products,” commented Andy Hamlin, GradConn sales manager. “It’s clear from our results that the Nautilus SMA cable assembly and connector versions have passed all tests with no degradation of performance and is testament to the excellent standard of engineering that has gone into our products.”

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