Radial automotive varistor for high-temperature applications

06-04-2020 | AVX Limited | Automotive Technologies

AVX High-Temperature Radial Varistors are created for high-temperature applications. Products have been tested, qualified, and specified to 150C. The Radial Leaded TransGuard is constructed for durability in harsh environments. These components, based on reliable multilayer varistor technology, offer bi-directional overvoltage protection and EMI filtering in radial leaded configuration and also provide exceptional resistance against harsh environment, vibrations and shocks. This enables designers to consolidate the circuit protection and EMI/RFI attenuation function into a single, highly reliable device.

Parts are AEC-Q200 qualified for employment in automotive applications and are also ideal for use in general-purpose applications. Provided in epoxy coated, radial package in working voltages 14VDC to 48VDC, energy up to 2J and peak current up to 250A. Operating temperature range is –55C to +150C. Parts are offered with Ni/Sn leads. However, the company can also provide Ni free wires upon request.

Typical applications for the device include under hood, down hole drilling, and any high-temperature application.

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