Polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitor includes a vibration-proof format

08-04-2020 | RS Components | Passives

Panasonic has released its highly reliable and miniature ZKU series of Conductive Polymer Hybrid Electrolytic Capacitors, which are now available from RS Components. The devices enable users to decrease the number and size of capacitors required, contributing to board area reduction. The devices can also endure high current application conditions in automotive and industrial areas and incorporates a vibration-proof format.

The series of electrolytic capacitor is of conductive polymer hybrid type. It has 27m ohm ESR, and as by demand, the product can be delivered in vibration-proof type.

The device is utilised for various electronic circuits, including audio/visual equipment, home appliances, computers, and measuring equipment.

The device offers low ESR, and is AEC-Q200 compliant and RoHS compliant.

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