Linear regulator evaluation module qualified for automotive applications

22-04-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments TPS7B8550EVM Linear Regulator Evaluation Module evaluates the operation and performance of the TPS7B85-Q1 150mA LDO linear regulator.

This evaluation module configuration comprises a single wide-input-voltage, small-size, low-dropout regulator for a wide range of applications. The regulator is capable of delivering up to 150mA to the load with LDO VIN to VOUT. For stability, use a minimum derated capacitance of 1μF (or larger) output capacitor.

The module is qualified for automotive applications, with -40C to 150C operating junction temperature range, and 3V to 40V, up to 42V transient wide VIN range, a 150mA maximum output current and with 2% output-voltage accuracy.

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