EVM for smoke/CO detection alarm and power management IC

23-04-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments TPS8802EVM Smoke/CO Alarm EVM is utilised to evaluate the TPS8802 smoke and CO detection analog front end and power management IC. The EVM provides for simple connection from the device to a user-supplied photoelectric chamber and carbon monoxide sensor. The device GUI interfaces with the module to swiftly evaluate the LED driver, photo amplifier, and CO amplifier performance, as well as static system power consumption. For a more thorough evaluation, an external microcontroller can connect to the EVM to produce a prototype smoke detection system.

The kit comprises two programmable, temperature compensated LED drivers for dual-wave photoelectric chambers; and ultra-low offset photodiode transimpedance amplifier with a programmable gain stage. Also included are an ultra-low-power op-amp for electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors with interconnect/SLC interface for multi-detector communication and a wide input voltage range for system power flexibility.

Typical applications include 10-year battery smoke and CO alarms, and AC powered smoke and CO alarms.

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