Evaluation module for single-chip mmWave sensing device

06-04-2020 | Texas Instruments | Subs & Systems

Texas Instruments AWR2243BOOST BoosterPack EVM is a plug-in module that is a simple-to-use evaluation board for the single-chip AWR2243 mmWave sensing device. It gives direct connectivity to the company's MCU LaunchPad development-kit ecosystem. The EVM includes everything needed to begin developing on a low-power Arm Cortex R4F processor. The evaluation board includes onboard emulation for programming and debugging, onboard buttons, and LEDs for quick integration of a simple user interface. The standard 20-pin BoosterPack headers make the evaluation board compatible with a broad assortment of MCU LaunchPad development kits and enable easy prototyping.

The module features a 40-pin LaunchPad standard that leverages the LaunchPad ecosystem; backchannel UART through USB to PC, for logging purposes and onboard antenna. The module also includes a 60-pin high-density connector, for raw ADC data over CSI, or the high-speed debug interface. One button and two LEDs, for user interaction and a 5V power jack power the board.

The kit contents Micro USB cable, mounting brackets with Bumpon, M3-size screws, M3-size nuts, and jumpers.

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