Single-chip silicon photonic engine supports ML/AI workloads

12-03-2020 | Ranovus | Semiconductors

Ranovus has launched its Odin platform. The platform scales the company's 100Gbps per lambda silicon photonics engine from 800Gbps to 3.2Tbps in a single chip supporting both module and Co-Packaged Optics solutions.

The platform includes the company’s disruptive innovation in multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser, 100Gbps silicon photonics-based Micro Ring Resonator modulators and photodetectors, 100Gbps Driver, 100Gbps TIA and control Integrated Circuits supported by a Tier 1 packaging ecosystem.

“ML/AI are the driving forces behind innovation in our society. They have created new compute, storage and networking paradigms inside and outside the data centre. The massive growth in data traffic fueling the algorithms requires scalable and power-efficient networking technologies. Odin platform delivers 50% power consumption/Gbps reduction and 75% cost/Gbps reduction over today’s solutions,” said Hamid Arabzadeh, Chairman and CEO at Ranovus. “Odin 8 marks the beginning of the road to multi-terabit Co-Packaged Optics for Compute, Storage and Networking solutions.”

“Intra-Data Center traffic is growing at a rate that outpaces anything seen outside of the data centres and is expected to triple in the next five years. This growth in traffic is driving global energy consumption, for power and cooling, that is simply not sustainable at the current trajectory. At Ranovus, we’re dedicated to developing energy and space-efficient technologies to address this critically important challenge - starting with our Odin optical engine platform,” said John Martinho, SVP R&D at Ranovus. “We’re proud to have brought together a Tier 1 ecosystem of partners and industry veterans to make these innovations possible.”

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