New software includes major enhancements for more efficient PCB design

09-03-2020 | Novarm | Design & Manufacture

Novarm LLC has released the DipTrace 4.0 Beta. The software introduces features that will ensure major improvements in design precision and fluency. The company has developed new and enhanced existing tools for building component footprints. Users will find an updated Pattern Editor module with a built-in IPC-7351 Pattern Generator tool, facilitating fast and precise production of footprints. New pad shapes (round rect, D-shape) and standard layers (courtyard, component outline, component terminals) have been added. 3D models are now able to be generated automatically based on IPC-7351 standard or component outline in both the Pattern Editor and PCB Layout.

The company has updated its standard libraries, redesigning them up to IPC-7351 standard and extended to 170,000+ components.

The software now incorporates a more powerful toolkit that simplifies the process of designing projects and guarantees more efficient workflow than previously. Some major improvements have been executed on the Shape/Text/Picture placement and editing tools, providing for some advanced options (multi-line text placement at any angle, three ways to build or edit arcs, smooth shape dimension editing; vectorisation of images; placing text or image as void in silkscreen or copper pour; creating board outline from a set of shapes, etc.). A new flexible Component Marking system that enables an unlimited number of markings and allows highly customisable Markings display options has been included into Schematic and PCB Layout.

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