Linear thermistors enable accurate methods for temperature conversion

17-03-2020 | Texas Instruments | Passives

Texas Instruments TMP63 ±1% 100kOhm Linear Thermistors display a large change in resistance with temperature. The device linearity and consistent sensitivity across temperature allow simple and accurate methods for temperature conversion.

Low power consumption and a small thermal mass reduce the impact of self-heating. The built-in failsafe behaviour at high temperatures and powerful immunity to environmental variation of these devices is intended for a long lifetime of high performance. The small size of the series provides for close placement to heat sources and swift response times. The device takes advantage of benefits over NTC thermistors such as no extra linearisation circuitry, reduced calibration, and less resistance tolerance variation. It also allows larger sensitivity at high temperatures and simplified conversion methods to save time and memory in the processor.

The series is currently available in a 0402 footprint-compatible X1SON package.

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