IHDM inductor offers stable inductance and saturation

11-03-2020 | Vishay | Automotive Technologies

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new IHDM Automotive Grade edge-wound, through-hole inductor with rated current up to 150A for under the hood applications. Featuring powdered iron alloy core technology, the Vishay Custom Magnetics IHDM-1008BC-3A offers stable inductance and saturation over a demanding operating temperature range from -40C to +180C with low power losses and superior heat dissipation.

The edge-wound coil of the device offers low DCR down to 0.25mOhm, which reduces losses and improves rated current performance for improved efficiency. Compared to competing ferrite-based solutions, the device offers 30% higher rated current and 30% higher saturation current levels at +125C and above. The inductor's soft saturation offers a predictable inductance decrease with increasing current, with stable inductance over the operating temperature range.

With an operating voltage up to 350V, the device is excellent for high current, high-temperature power applications, including DC-DC converters, inverters, and filters for motor and switching noise suppression in hybrid, full-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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