Expanded range of ICs includes robust GaN transistors

19-03-2020 | Power Integrations | Semiconductors

Power Integrations has expanded its InnoSwitch3 families of offline CV/CC flyback switcher ICs. The new INN3x78C devices include a smaller 'size 8' 750V PowiGaN transistor, enabling compact, efficient power supplies delivering between 27W and 55W without heatsinks. The ICs are housed in the same high-creepage, safety-compliant InSOP-24D package as larger members of the device families, which target up to 120W.

Up to 94% efficient across line and load, the technology is also remarkably robust, making them extremely resistant against line surges and swells generally seen in regions with unstable mains voltage. This allows OEMs to stipulate a single power supply design to be employed worldwide. Applications for the new parts incorporate USB PD and high-current chargers/adapters for mobile devices, as well as displays, set-top boxes, networking and gaming products and appliances – particularly those striving to comply with the planned European Energy Labeling Regulation.

Comments Chris Lee, director of product marketing at Power Integrations: “We have experienced increased demand for our efficient AC/DC converter ICs with the highly robust 750V GaN transistor. Simultaneous electrical strength and efficiency are difficult to achieve due to the relationship between Silicon MOSFET breakdown voltage and COSS-related switching loss. Our electrically strong PowiGaNtransistors have very low COSS, so achieving over 94% efficiency and low field return rate from tropical markets is very straightforward.”

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