Dedicated imaging luminance measurement for road lighting quality control

23-03-2020 | GL Optic | Lighting Technologies

GL Optic has introduced what is claimed to be the first fully adapted system for measurements on roads according to the road lighting standard EN 12301. The GL Opticam 3.0 imaging luminance measurement system is wholly adapted for reliable evaluation of road lighting according to EN 12301. Until the appearance of this device, the measurement of luminance distribution was a time-consuming and expensive process, necessitating the assistance of many people with specialist knowledge.

The new system for imaging luminance measurement offers full measurement data needed to calculate the luminance distribution of a selected road section according to the EN standard in seconds. The device has a thermal stabilisation of the image sensor, which compensates for measurement errors emanating from changing temperature conditions. It is hermetic and set to work in different weather conditions - even in the rain, with no fear of camera damage. Also, it has a battery power source, which reduces the operator of the requirement for power generators and portable power supplies. A set of accessories makes it simple to determine the measurement field.

The system comprises of a computer and software that facilitates analysis of the results instantly after the measurement - also on site. Once the measurements have been recorded, and the data saved, they can be examined at any time, even after a few months or years of physical measurements - even if the standard demands change. The analysis software is intuitive and instantly presents the results, comprising the compliance or non-compliance of the installation with the assumptions and demands for the road lighting class according to EN 12301.

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