VNA capable of 70kHz to 220GHz measurements in single sweep

03-02-2020 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu has introduced the VectorStar ME7838G broadband VNA, claimed to be the industry’s first VNA able to make measurements from 70kHz to 220GHz in a single sweep. By giving unprecedented frequency coverage, the new VNA enables engineers to more accurately and efficiently characterise devices over a much wider range of frequencies to give accurate device models, therefore optimising the chance for accurate simulations and opportunity to decrease design turns.

Consistently producing the industry’s widest single sweep broadband coverage for improved device modelling is accomplished because the system includes the company's NLTL mmWave modules. Innovative design allows the 220 GHz probe to connect directly to the mmWave module for accurate, stable on-wafer measurements, thereby circumventing the limits of coaxial connectors at sub-terahertz frequencies.

The device meets the market demand to conduct on-wafer measurements that span into the upper mmWave frequencies for more accurate device characterisation. The VectorStar-based broadband system provides engineers confidence in the systems they are designed by characterizing the devices from near-DC to well beyond the operating frequency, for more accurate modelling.