Transmit variable gain amplifier for multiple communication systems

05-02-2020 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices ADL6317 Transmit Variable Gain Amplifier provides an interface from radio frequency DAC, transceivers, and SoC to power amplifiers. The device is ideal for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE in FDD/TDD broadband communication systems. The device VGA features integrated balun and hybrid couplers that enable high-performance RF capability in the 1500MHz to 3000MHz frequency range. The device includes a VVA, high linearity amplifiers, and a DSA to optimise performance-vs-power level.

The RF DSA attenuation range covers 15.5dB with 0.5dB step resolution. The device also offers 50Ohm differential inputs and 50Ohm single-ended output. The amplifier is fully programmable via a four-wire SPI and is powered by a single 5V supply. The device provides 38-terminals and 10.5mm x 5.5mm LGA.

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