Step-down converters provide ultra-low operating quiescent current

21-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS6284x High-Efficiency Step-Down Converters provide ultra-low operating quiescent current of typically 60nA. These devices include special circuitry to deliver just 150nA IQ in 100% mode to additional extend battery life near the end of discharge. These devices employ DCS-Control to cleanly power radios and work with a typical switching frequency of 1.8MHz. In Power-Save Mode the device increases the light load efficiency down to a load current range of 1µA and below.

Sixteen predefined output voltages can be chosen by connecting a resistor to pin VSET. This option makes the device flexible for multiple applications with the smallest amount of external components. The device’s STOP pin instantly removes any switching noise to take a noise-free measurement in test and measurement systems. The device offers an output current of up to 750mA. With an input voltage of 1.8V to 6.5V, these devices support many power sources including 2S to 4S Alkaline, 1S to 2S Li-MnO2 or 1S Li-Ion/Li-SoCl2.

Typical applications include smart meters, smart thermostats, tracking devices, wearable electronics, medical sensor patches and patient monitors, industrial IoT (smart sensors), and test and measurement solutions.

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