Small signal automotive MOSFETs offer reliable performance

25-02-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Nexperia Small-Signal Automotive MOSFETs, available now from Mouser, provide performance reliability with full AEC-Q101 compliance. The company provides a wide portfolio of Small-Signal MOSFETs, with drain-source on-state resistance as low as 15mOhm, up to 6A maximum drain current, and drain-source voltage options from 20V to 100V.

These MOSFETs are provided in a broad range of package types for design flexibility, with leaded and leadless DFN options. The leadless packages also offer side-wettable flanks, allowing Automatic Optical Inspection and improved solder joint quality.

Typical applications include entertainment systems such as car audio and navigation; safety and control systems such as air bags and LED lighting; and body control units for doors, window lifts and seat control.

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