Robotics system lab kit speeds learning and building

20-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | New Technologies

Texas Instruments TIRSLK-EVM Robotics System Lab Kit quickens the learning and building of robotics systems, guiding students to investigate real-world applications. The kit is the fast track to enabling students to get up and running with their own solderless robotic kit, offering hardware and curriculum that aids students to learn how to design their own electronic system.

The kit is powered by a SimpleLink MSP432P401R MCU LaunchPad development kit. The kit includes a versatile TI-RSLK chassis board with integrated 5V DC-DC regulator, 3.3V linear regulator, built-in dual motor drivers and sensor interface connectors.

The easy to assemble black robot chassis features red wheels, two gear motors and encoder assembly and includes two bump sensor board assemblies and a line sensor array for line following and obstacle avoidance. The kit also offers complete curriculum modules with videos, lectures, hands-on labs, quizzes and class activities.

By Natasha Shek