Low RDS(on) MOSFET performance sets a new standard

04-02-2020 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has released its lowest-ever RDS(on) power MOSFET. The PSMNR51-25YLH sets a new standard of 0.57mOhm at 25V. Employing the company's NextPowerS3 technology, this excellent performance is provided without compromising other important parameters such as maximum drain current (ID(max)), SOA or gate charge QG.

The MOSFET provides a maximum drain current rating up to 380A. This parameter is particularly important in motor control applications where motor-stall can end in very high current surges for short periods, which the MOSFET needs to withstand for safe and reliable operation.

The device is packaged in LFPAK56, the company's 5mm x 6mm Power-SO8 compatible package, providing a high-performance copper-clip construction which absorbs thermal stresses, increasing quality and lifetime reliability.

Comments Steven Waterhouse, product manager for Power MOSFETs at Nexperia: “Our latest NextPowerS3 MOSFETs mean power engineers now have more options than ever before to build market-leading products – batteries can last longer, motors can deliver more torque, servers can be more reliable.”

Typical applications comprise battery protection; BLDC motor control (full-bridge, three-phase topologies); server power for ORing, hotswap operation and synchronous rectification.

By Natasha Shek