Logic modules series ideal for a wide range of applications

25-02-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

Implementing control has been made simple with this series of Eaton EASY-E4 Logic Modules. These logic modules and control relays free up valuable time is freed up using new faster technology, for power management requirements. The amount of input/outputs can be expanded easily with the company's unique plug connector, indicating expansion modules can be added to meet user requirements. User-friendly easySoft software enables users to create and adapt diagrams, while easy navigation menus, simulation, and online communications make this series intuitive and easy to use.

The series provides a broad variety of function, control of tasks are performed by the base unit via integrated inputs/outputs while tailoring of the systems is offered through the expansion modules. The logic modules also provide Ethernet and NET interfaces and enable a maximum of eight devices to communicate with each other. Further devices can also be connected for extra complex tasks. Another feature of the series is enabling the modules to run parallel to a maximum of ten clusters, and with Modbus TCP protocol the Eaton XC300 can be employed as a central master control system for all E4 devices.

The series is ideal for a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial, building, environmental, maritime and light and show technologies.

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