LGA inductor ideal for reliable automatic assembly

05-02-2020 | AVX Limited | Passives

The AVX L0402 LGA Inductor is based on thin-film multilayer technology. The technology offers a miniature part with superior high-frequency performance and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly.

These thin-film inductors feature extreme lot-to-lot repeatability and tight tolerance. The usage of very low-loss dielectric materials, silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride, together with highly conductive electrode metals results in low ESR and high Q. These high-frequency characteristics alter at a slower rate with growing frequency than for ceramic microwave inductors. Due to the thin-film technology, the above-mentioned frequency characteristics are achieved without notable compromise of properties needed for surface mounting.

Typical applications for the inductor includes mobile communications, satellite TV receivers, GPS, vehicle location systems, wireless lans, filters, and matching networks.

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