LDO linear voltage regulator meets increasingly stringent energy requirements

03-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS7A24 LDO Linear Voltage Regulator supports a 2.4V to 18V input voltage range with ultra-low IQ. These features help modern appliances satisfy increasingly stringent energy demands and help prolong battery life in portable power solutions.

The device is offered in both fixed and adjustable versions. The fixed-voltage version removes external resistors and reduces the PCB area. For more flexibility or higher output voltages, the adjustable version employs feedback resistors to set the output voltage from 1.24V to 17.75V. Both versions have 2% output regulation accuracy that gives precision regulation for MCU references.

The LDO runs more efficiently than standard linear regulators as the maximum dropout voltage is less than 250mV at 200mA of current. This maximum dropout voltage provides for 92.8% efficiency from a 3.55V input voltage (VIN) to a 3.3V output voltage (VOUT).

The device is suitable for smoke and heat detectors, thermostats, motion detectors (PIR, uWave, and so forth), cordless power tools, appliance battery packs, electricity meters, and water meters.

By Natasha Shek