Intelligent power devices enable standalone system protection

12-02-2020 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM now offers the BV2Hx045EFU-C, a family of high voltage (41V) dual channel output high side switch (Intelligent Power Devices, IPD) optimised for automotive ECUs in transmission control, engine control, and other vehicle systems. IPDs are semiconductor products that protect electronic circuits from breakdown, such as overcurrent during abnormalities. Unlike traditional fuses, IPD as semiconductor fuses can protect circuits with no degradation or break down, making it conceivable to deliver maintenance-free systems.

The new devices are claimed to be the industry’s first high-side IPDs able to provide standalone protection against overcurrent by including an original overcurrent protection function. Conventional IPDs just protect against inrush current at startup, so MCUs and overcurrent detection ICs are required for the protection of steady-state currents, and there is still the likelihood of an out of control situation due to compatibility problems with subsequent circuits connected to the IPD output. In contrast, this new series can defend the system against both inrush and steady-state overcurrent, assuring greater system safety by giving a high-reliability solution with fewer parts in comparison to conventional products. Also, the overcurrent protection range can be adjusted with external components to enable broad compatibility.

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