High-precision current sense amplifier designed for high-speed applications

05-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments INA293 High-Precision Current Sense Amplifiers for measuring voltage drops over shunt resistors from –4V to 110V. The negative common-mode voltage provides for operation below ground, providing precise measurement of recirculating currents in half-bridge applications.

The combination of a low offset voltage, small gain error and high DC CMRR facilitates highly accurate current measurement. The device is also intended for high-speed applications (ex. fast over-current protection) with a high bandwidth of 1.3MHz and an 85dB AC CMRR (at 50kHz).

The device provides wide common-mode operational voltage −4V to +110V and survival voltage −20V to +120V. The device has a high bandwidth of 1.3MHz, with a slew rate of 2.5V/µs, and quiescent current of 1.5mA.

Typical applications include active antenna system mMIMO, macro remote radio unit, 48V rack servers, 48V merchant network and server PSU, and 48V battery management systems.

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