High power PCB relay targeted at distribution power conditioning systems

18-02-2020 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron has moved into the high-power relay market with the launch of their new 100A device, available now from TTI Europe, which features excellent low heat generation due to ultra-low contact resistance. The new Omron G7EB is targeted at distribution power conditioning systems as well as test equipment including semiconductor testers.

The new device can switch up to 100A at 800VAC. A key characteristic is the ultra-low 5mOhm contact resistance, an industry-leading figure which significantly decreases heat generation within the component. This improves reliability by lessening the heat stress on the device and the surrounding circuit, and also minimises energy wastage. As a result, the device experiences a temperature rise to about +40C with a 100A carry current, as opposed to +80C for competing designs.

Typical applications include power conditioner systems ; solar pv, wind and industrial inverters; ground and air source heat pumps; UPS; application test equipments; and semiconductor testers.

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