Digital Isolators removes need for separate isolated DC-to-DC converter

21-02-2020 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices ADuM642xA Quad-Channel Digital Isolators feature an isoPower, integrated, and isolated DC-to-DC converter. These quad-channel isolators are based on iCoupler technology that offers regulated and isolated power that satisfies CISPR 32/EN 55032 Class B limits at a full-load. The isolators remove the requirement for separate and isolated DC-to-DC converter in 50mW isolated designs.

These quad-channel digital isolators use iCoupler chip scale transformer technology for isolated logic signals and the magnetic components of the DC-to-DC converter. This provides a small form-factor and a total isolation solution.

Typical applications include RS-232 transceivers, power supply start-up bias and gate drives, isolated sensor interfaces, and industrial PLCs.

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