Automotive stepper driver saves board space and cost

24-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Automotive Technologies

Texas Instruments DRV8889-Q1 Automotive Stepper Driver supports up to a 1.5A full-scale current with an internal microstepping indexer. The device features smart tune decay technology, an advanced stall detection algorithm, and integrated current sensing. With a simple step/dir interface to manage the direction and step rate, the device supports up to 1/256 levels of microstepping. Integrated current sensing removes the requirement for two external resistors. This saves board space and cost. With an advanced stall detection algorithm, designers can identify if the motor stopped and take action as required, which can enhance efficiency and reduce noise.

Typical applications include automotive bipolar stepper motors, headlight position adjustment, head-up display, HVAC stepper motors, and electronic fuel injection.

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