Automotive Ethernet tester for highly automated testing

13-02-2020 | Ruetz System Solutions | Automotive Technologies

Ruetz System Solutions offer a new automotive ethernet tester, a highly automated test system for Open Alliance TC8 switching and AVB/TSN tests at the component level.

"The Automotive Ethernet Tester is the consistent further development of our own test platform to equip vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with the best possible test setup," explained Wolfgang Malek, general manager and co-founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. "Whereas our well-proven Ethernet Live Monitor purely serves the intelligent and efficient error analysis of Ethernet data traffic, the Automotive Ethernet Tester generates different traffic and speed grades and records them, including the appropriate capture device."

The test suites include different test cases as the base for the particular test scopes. Test suites for Open Alliance TC8 switching, Automotive gPTP, 1722, and QAV. Test suites for QBV and other TSN functions are under development are currently available.

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