Automotive display PMIC for infotainment displays and instrument clusters

17-02-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Maxim Integrated MAX16923 Automotive Display PMIC is a four-channel power-management IC created to accommodate the main rails employed in modern automotive TFT displays. The device integrates a high-voltage Buck converter that transforms battery voltages into a 5V or 3.3V intermediate rail. Also, a high-voltage, always-on, low-quiescent-current linear regulator supplies power at 3.3V. The low-voltage section comprises of a fully-integrated DC-DC converter and an LDO running off the intermediate rail. Also, an integrated watchdog timer protects against runaway code.

The device features a single START control pin, which initiates the start-up sequence, which simplifying device control. The external MOSFET control block of the device enables battery voltage to be switched to a downstream device, such as a backlight boost converter.

The device can be employed with the MAX20069 Automotive Backlight Driver to give a two-chip solution to all automotive display power-supply demands.

The PMIC is available in a compact TQFN package and operates in the -40C to +105C temperature range.

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