Processor and microcontroller development kit for intensive HMI designs

15-01-2020 | RS Components | Development Boards

The Renesas RA4M1 group employs the high-performance Arm Cortex-M4F core and provides a Segment LCD Controller and a Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit input for intensive HMI designs. This kit is available now from RS Components. The kit is created on an extremely efficient low power process and is supported by an open and flexible ecosystem concept - the Flexible Software Package, constructed on FreeRTOS - and is expandable to utilise other RTOSes and middleware.

The kit is excellent for applications where a high amount of Capacitive Touch channels and a Segment LCD controller are needed.

Typical applications include HMI with seg/com LCDs, security (fire detection, burglar detection, panel control), industry (door openers, panel control), HVAC (heating, air conditioning, boiler control), home appliances, and general purposes.

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