PCB mount audio transformer enables extra design flexibility for Ethernet interfaces

06-01-2020 | RS Components | Power

TE Connectivity’s Industrial discrete magnetics, available now from RS Components, allow extra design flexibility in creating Ethernet Interfaces, with optimisations for improved transmission characteristics and overvoltage demands. The parts satisfy reflow soldering profiles with temperatures of 260C, which enables users to reduce their production cycle, since all components in a device can be soldered in a single stage. Moreover, the parts have an extended operating temperature range of -40C to +105C, enabling customers to utilise them in industrial environments where higher ambient temperatures previously prohibited them.

The new industrial discrete magnetics complement the company's existing RJ45 Jacks with integrated magnetics and offer a comprehensive range of solutions for Ethernet connectivity.

Applications for these highly cost-effective parts can be found in PLCs, IO modules, servo drives, industrial PCs – and many other industrial applications demanding Ethernet connectivity.